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Allen Kellogg
TCU, Go Frogs!
From Alexandria, Virginia but tells people he is from Fort Worth
Position Holder and WLB #51


  • Rode the bench until he took over as holder for freshman football team. Team missed zero PATs once he took over (had never made one prior till he took over)
  • Threw a 2 pt conversion that one teammate described as the “ugliest motherfucking pass I’ve ever seen.”
  • Recorded two tackles in final game and recovered a fumble.
  • Received zero offers at the college level because no school would be dumb enough to give out a scholarship to a Holder with one year of freshman football
  • Dyed SMU’s Fountain purple in 2010
  • Started a fuck SMU chant that helped the Horned Frogs come back and go into overtime against SMU in 2011
  • Covered TCU sports for the Daily Skiff and TCU 360
  • Covered HS football for the Fort Worth Star Telegram
  • Lived Abroad for two year in New Zealand and Australia
  • Drives a Prius
  • Pursuing a career in international relations, but spends he free time thinking up and writing shitposts to kill time during the College football off season.

Matt Coffelt
TCU, Go Frogs (no noticeable bias)
From San Diego, California
Position: WR/Attackman


  • Known as the Trash Can for his short route running ability, lack of speed and lack of hands
  • Would have gone pro if he could hear the signals from the QB while on the left side of the field and not allergic to grass, air, and life
  • Blames Baylor and SMU for infecting him and ruining his football career
  • Dubbed by MLCA as possible breakout player in 2011, turned out to be inaccurate
  • Enjoys doggos and dank memes
  • Former photographer and editor for the Daily Skiff and TCU 360, now boring insurance man
  • Was on the field for TCU’s glorious victory over Wisconsin and was told by Erin Andrews to “Get out of my way, Kid”
  • Took pictures for a New York Times article once, but was too lazy to get paid
  • Currently lives in San Diego and is sending turds in the mail to Chargers ownership
  • Drives a Ford Fiesta ST
  • Works in Commercial real-estate insurance, but spends his free time listening to CFB podcasts and thinking up ways to get revenge on Dean Spanos


Jack Wright
WT 175lb
From: Richmond Virginia


  • Goes by Tequila Jack, AKA Hurricane Jack
  • Once paid $30 for a kilo of limes
  • Has climbed Mt. Doom and drunk beer in Hobbiton
  • Loves Doggos. Has a Doggo name RooRi. She is a very good girl. However, Jack is afraid of regular wolves.
  • Smokes a wooden pipe from time to time
  • Loves video games, football, and fantasy novels
  • Has read over 420 books in his lifetime
  • Currently live in Richmond where he works as a financial advisor, game stop manager, and editor for this blog.
  • Drives a white Dodge Challenger, with a Hemi
  • Hopes to be a professional writer and novelist while destroying every BMW M3 in existence