LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Insists All Louisiana High School ‘Croots Belong to Him


By Allen Kellogg

Baton Rouge, LA

LSU head coach Ed Orgeron has now promised to take action against any out-of-state school that dares to recruit inside the borders of Louisiana. Orgeron is facing criticism for shutting down a football camp held by division III school Belhaven University in Hammond, Louisiana.

“Dis peaplle comt ta mah hoome n tay mah cwoots. I dun pay da sheet. Tell’em al, suk mah Tiagar dick,” Orgeron said.

Critics argue that LSU and Coach O are severely limiting the exposure for high school players, which reduces their opportunities to play at the college level. LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva said that any talk reducing high school players opportunities was “bull shit” and that the players who are not talented enough to play for LSU can go to any school in Louisiana of their choice. “These players belong to the state of Louisiana,” Alleva said.

Some of the high school players have complained that they feel they are being pressured to stay in the state by family, friends, and even total strangers.

Geoffrey LaMont, a 2 star corner from Mt. Hermon, Louisiana, said he was disappointed that LSU had forced the Hammond camp to close. LaMont is currently a senior with a 4.20 GPA. He said he plans to study bio-medical engineering in college and was hoping to meet with the Cornell coaching staff at the Harmmond camps to pursue a chance of playing football in the Ivy league. LSU’s decision to cancel the football camp, though, prevented him from meeting with the Cornell football staff.

“Deese bois tink dey nees a gewd skool, bat ain nobodey nees uh Ivy legeaux edumaktion. Dis boi shud faucos on de fooobawl,” Orgeron said.

Orgeron won over the support of many LSU fans and Louisiana residents with his stance of “protect the state of Louisiana from outsiders trying to steal our football players.” He kept his promise by blocking any outside school from hosting a football camp in Louisiana. If a school wants to hold a camp, they better be from his state.

“He is doing things the right way,” Wayne Nixon, a Baton Rouge resident and LSU fan said. “These kids belong to the state of Louisiana. God blessed them with talent on the football field and they owe it to us to stay here and entertain us. It should be illegal for any of them to try and leave the state.”

Nixon may not have to wait long for his dream to become reality. Louisiana state representative Thomas Carmody has submitted a bill that would require all high school football players from the state of Louisiana to attend colleges in Louisiana unless they could pay a $500 per recruiting star fee. Critics argued that this bill is immoral and unconstitutional for forcing high school athletes to pay fines to attend colleges out of the state. Supporters argue that this will help Louisiana keep talented players in-state and help LSU win its long awaited fourth national championship.


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