With the Big XII’s Future Uncertain, Should TCU Change It’s Name?


by Allen Kellogg

Fort Worth, Texas

Most experts agree the Big 12 will probably die in 2025 when the grant of rights keeping the conference together expire. Consensus opinion suggests that power 5 conferences will become four 16 team super conferences. The Big 12 is the least stable of the power 5 conferences and also the smallest. Large, distinguished athletic programs like Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Kansas will certainly find spots, but a smaller, less research oriented school like TCU may struggle to receive a super conference invite.

Of the four possible landing spots, the Pac-12 seems the most likely. Association of American Universities membership is a requirement for the Big 10. The SEC already has a Texas schools and A&M will likely resist any additional Texas schools attempting to join. The ACC is a poor fit geographically. This leaves the Pac-12 as the only hope for TCU.

The Pac-12 attempted to grab schools like Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State when the Big 12 nearly collapsed back in 2010, so we know they have expressed interest in expansion into Texas. A significant portion of new TCU students are coming in from California. California has nearly surpassed Texas as the main state where students come from. TCU also has schedule numerous out of conference games with Pac-12 schools. Sanford, Cal, and Colorado are future TCU opponents.

Some people believe that the school’s current name could be an issue should TCU attempt to join the Pac-12. BYU attempted to join back in 2010, but was rejected for cultural reasons. Many believe that BYU’s requirement that all teaching and research must fall in line with The Church of Latter Day Saints beliefs. Academic freedom is a big deal to the member schools and although TCU does have language protecting academic freedoms and does not require research and teachings to work with church doctrine, others have express skepticism that a school with the word “Christian” in the name would be accepted into the Pac-12.

The last thing TCU and its fans want to see is TCU relegated back a lower tier of college athletics as they were when the South West Conference dissolved. For that reason, here are some suggestions for potential name changes for TCU that will allow it to join the Pac-12:

  • Texas Construction University- Pretty sure they told this joke to everyone at orientation. You can’t go anywhere on campus without seeing a crane. I went back to campus after three years away and the whole campus was unrecognizable.
  • Texas Commonwealth University- Sounds fancy right?
  • Texas Chronic University- Four out of six Pac-12 states have legal marijuana. Marijuana is extremly popular on the left coast. Weed was extremely popular while I was at TCU. Not everyone smoked weed, but everyone knew somebody that did. With a name like this schools on the left coast are going to want to associate with us.
  • Texas Christian(Catholic, Armenian Christian, Assyrian Christian, Lollards, Orthodox, Lutheran, Evangelical, Anglican, Calvinist, Reformed, Born Again, Presbyterian, Amish, Mennonite, Methodist, Non-Baylor-Baptist, Pentacostal, Quaker, Adventist, Mormon, and fuck the Westboro Baptist Church I hope they burn in hell), Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, Agnostic, Jewish, Shinto, Buddhist, Wiccan, Sikhism, Heathenism, THE Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Voodoo, Taoism, Confusionism, Zoroastrian, Rastafarian, Druid, and any other faiths who are welcome at our University- or TC(CACACLOLEACRBAPAMMnBBPQAMaftWBCihtbih)MHAAJSBWSHTCotFSMVTCZRDaaofwawaoU for short. This is a name that will say that every faith (other than Baylor Baptists and the Westboro Baptist church are welcome on our campus. The Pac-12 is big into acceptance and I believe this name could give us an edge.
  • AddRan Male & Female College-going with the school’s original 1873 name. We were actually the first Co Ed school in Texas so this highlights diversity and progressiveness which the Pac 12 loves.
  • Texas College University- so learn, much smart, many class, long study, top school
  • Texas Compassion University- We will be your friend on the journey of learning.
  • Texas Condom University- Trojan(USC) approved!

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